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Hair Transplant Analysis



If you want a hair transplant by the qualified clinic and if you really want to see your hair in a natural look, there are good reasons for choosing us. Our quality is not accidental.

We are focused on the satisfaction of our patients already treated and also to our patients that they will choose us. The biggest publicity for us is the smile of our satisfied patients. The smile of our patients is a living advertisement for us.

Sapphire Fue Method

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3 Days of Hair Loss Treatment.

Hair Transplant Methods

What is the FUE Sapphire Technique?

Techniques for hair transplantation evolve on a par with studies and technological advances. That’s why today we have the latest method for hair transplant known as FUE Sapphire in Turkey-Istanbul. But what does this technique consist of? We will explain it below.

As we know, the FUE method is well known for being one of the safest techniques for hair transplantation and the most used for its excellent results with a natural appearance. Sapphire technique, in the same way as other careful medicines that have developed to utilize particular instruments including some valuable jewels, has started the execution of sapphire sharp edges which is currently known as the Sapphire FUE technique.

The dhi method, also known as the Direct hair implant name, eliminates problems such as stitch marks or incision marks. The most important aim in this application is to minimize the time taken out from the rear grafts and to make them become stronger.

How is it applied?

The Dhi technique is not incised in any way. Channel formation is made easier and more professional with fine-tipped needles. This makes it possible for the grafts to be placed more tightly and continuously.

What are the advantages?

The natural look is more powerful and it is also possible to make a tighter planting. When we look at the waiting process of hair follicles, we can see that this process is less than other treatment methods and this detail minimizes the loss of hair follicles.

The angle of the hair follicles is more easily determined. Direct sowing of the area is possible with this treatment method.

Follicular unit One of the most important advantages of the Fue method, also known as extraction, is that it eliminates the need to cut hair. Long hair technique which is one of the Fue techniques continues to bring this advantage to patients. In other techniques, there is no need for this type of hair in this method.

How is it applied?
The number of grafts sown per session may vary and will be evaluated depending on the patient. While it is possible to talk about the number of 3500 grafts in the classical FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, the long hair method has a number like 1000. In the clinical setting, anesthesia support is obtained and a painless operation is seen.

Who Can Be Applied?
It is possible to apply to both sexes but it is considered to be more accurate to apply to women. It is also possible to achieve a more natural appearance with this method.

What are the advantages?
An intense hair image is obtained and a visible change will become apparent. Patients are able to adapt to social life in a shorter period of time as there is no need for a hair cut. It is not easy to detect hair transplantation from the outside.

One of the most special methods of the Fue technique is the gold-tipped FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. There is, of course, an important reason for this, and it is possible to respond as gold is more compatible with the human body. With this application, the natural structure does not deteriorate in any way and the problems in contact with the skin are eliminated. This application, which helps to maintain the quality of the graft, is being applied smoothly in many clinics and achieving successful results.

It is one of the applications that can be preferred to obtain a natural look, but it is also a more expensive method compared to other treatment methods and alternatives. We can see that it is possible to get results in a shorter time when the evaluation of treatment advantages and disadvantages is more and more time-based.

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NeoHairTransplant is a specialist service for hair transplant as the luminary in our specialty and has more than ten years of experience in this area of plastic-aesthetic surgery. We work exclusively with Best Hospitals and offers their services to customers from Turkey itself, from Europe. With Neohairtransplant, bring your life back to a new era of happiness.

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Our reality class results are accomplished by concentrating exclusively on you amid the male pattern baldness strategy. Not at all like different organizations that book upwards of seven patients at any given moment for a solitary specialist, our patients have their own one of a kind hair specialist committed to their male pattern baldness treatment and reclamation.

We utilize exceedingly prepared, authorized therapeutic specialists. Utilizing our proficient HUE Method we can total a system in less than six hours with over 95% of unions enduring and become perpetual with no pain and no scar.