Percutaneous Hair Transplantation

It is not a new technique and is also referred to as needle hair transplantation. It is one of the most preferred methods by physicians who want to achieve success in the near and frequent planting and it is necessary to mention that they have successful results.

How is Percutaneous Method applied?

The process of loosening the hair follicles is done by micromotor.

The loosened hair roots will be pulled with a tweezer-like device.

The collected live hair follicles are separated individually and stored in a special solution during the channel opening time.

Along with local anesthesia, the area is anesthetized and the area to be transplanted is relieved.

The channel is opened for each hair root and the live hair roots are placed in this channel. It is also possible to make hair transplantation more often.

Who Can Be Applied?
It can be applied to any patient who wants to obtain a dense image and who has hair loss problems. In this treatment method, frequent sowing is possible.

What are the advantages of Percutaneous Hair Transplant?

Intensive hair transplantation is one of the most important advantages.

Hair loss is less than other treatment methods.

Full recovery takes place more quickly.

The front hairline is smoother than other treatment methods.