About Liposuction
Problems such as regional fat accumulation are problems that are disturbing in terms of aesthetics and health which are frequently encountered in our day. Fat removal procedures can also be performed for such conditions. Liposuction is also one of them. Liposuction method is a medical method of removing fat.
Liposuction applications are not the only correct approach to focus on attenuation. It is true that a regional attenuation occurs after liposuction method. However, the main purpose of liposuction applications has never been such as weight loss and weight loss. Generally, it can be used to remove residual fat deposits even after weight loss.
What is Fat Removal (Liposuction)?
Liposuction method, which is known as fat removal operation among the people, can be defined as the separation of the oils from the body by the surgical method which accumulates in certain parts of the body and cannot be destroyed in any way. Generally, it is a procedure that is applied to people who cannot dissolve their fats in certain regions despite their general health and diet and exercise as much as necessary. It is aimed to correct the disproportionate image in the body and to get rid of this abnormal fat accumulation.
Who Can Have Fat Removal (Liposuction)?
When fat removal surgery is mentioned, it is possible to perform a surgical operation for the purpose of slimming or weight loss. However, liposuction surgery is not a problem in general health and weight loss, although some parts of the body accumulated and a disproportionate image of the oil is created by those who want to get rid of the oil. It is an operation that can be performed for anyone who does not have any systemic disease, who are not pregnant or who have no suspicion of pregnancy. Liposuction is not correct only in order to lose weight or to lose weight massively. First of all, diet and exercise should be purified from these weights, then these factors cannot be melted with this method should be used for oils. However, liposuction method can be applied to patients who want to get rid of excess fat in a regional sense, unless there is any health and age barrier, whatever the reason.
Fat Removal (Liposuction) Surgery Methods
Although there are several methods that can be used for fat removal surgery, these methods are as follows.
Laser Technology
One of the methods that can be applied for fat removal surgery is the laser technique. The contents and types are also mentioned below.
Laser Lipolysis
Laser lipolysis is one of the most recently known methods of fat removal. Laser lipolysis, which is a slightly different method than classical liposuction methods, is a more practical and simpler method than surgical methods. Liposuction method with the help of the ducts are vacuumed; In the laser lipolysis method, instead of these channels laser is melted in the region. Then melted and liquefied, these oils are poured out of the small incisions.
Laser Liposuction
Laser liposuction is slightly different from lipolysis. The laser is disintegrated from the liposuction by the waves emitted using laser energy. In order to remove these shredded oils out of the body, cannulas are used as the old classical method. The disintegrated oil is discharged from the body by vacuum. This process is also called laser liposuction.
Vaser Technique (Ultrasonic Sound)
Another method for fat removal is the Vaser technique, ie ultrasonic sounds. The types and details of this technique are described below.
Vaser (Ultrasonic) Liposuction
Liposculpture, namely Vaser (ultrasonic) liposuction, is another of the safest, lasting and fastest fat removal methods. The difference that separates this method from other methods is that it can be used in all parts of the body. This method can be used in all parts of the body including the facial region. Another feature is that the whole process can be completed in one session if the patient needs it. Burning up to 10 liters of oil at a time is possible with the Vaser (ultrasonic) liposuction method.

Non-surgical Fat Removal (Liposuction) Methods 
Apart from laser liposuction and Vaso (ultrasonic) liposuction, there are some methods that can remove fat from the body without surgery. These methods and details are as follows.
Cold Lipolysis
Cold lipolysis is one of the methods of removing fat from the body without any surgical intervention. With this method, oils that are locally deposited under the skin are frozen with the aid of a device. Frozen oils enter the process of apoptosis. The process of apoptosis can also be described as programmed cell death, ie loss of function of fat cells. In this way, oils can be destroyed irreversibly.
Cavitation is a method used to achieve regional weakening without any surgical intervention. Sound waves are used to solve problems such as kidney stones. Just as it breaks the kidney stone, it also serves to break up fat deposits. It can be applied in areas such as waist, belly, and legs and can last approximately 7-8 sessions. A different result is obtained in each session but close to two cm can be obtained. At the end of all sessions, thinning is observed up to 10 cm.
How is the oil removal (Liposuction) procedure done?
Liposuction, which is a fat removal operation, removes the fat in the body with thin cannulas connected to a vacuum device. By entering through the body through a small hole, only fats are absorbed without damaging the muscles, vessels or nerves. The duration of the operation may vary according to the fat in the person’s body and the region where the fat is located. General or local anesthesia is applied to the person according to the fat ratio before the procedure. After the removal of the liposuction in the designated areas, stitches are made in small cuts. Because of the small cuts, some doctors may leave the wound open instead of stitching. Dressings are made on the stitches. During the procedure or during the procedure, the patient is dressed in special corsets or bandages.
Which Clinics Can Have Fat Removal (Liposuction)?
Fat removal surgery is performed in many private clinics. There are also clinics that are specifically opened for the common liposuction procedure. Fat removal surgery can also be performed in state hospitals. The cost of oil removal varies according to the region to be made.
Who is involved in Fat Removal Surgery Team?
Cosmetic surgeon specialists perform fat removal surgery. In addition to the plastic surgeon, there are also anesthesiologists and assistants.
Hospital Conditions for Liposuction Surgery
Successful results are obtained if a fat removal operation is performed with a specialized team. For this purpose, the hospital should be clean and sterile.
Should I be Accompanying?
The liposuction procedure is a simple operation for the patient. Depending on the rate of fat to be taken, it varies from 1 hour to 3 hours and the patient is discharged on the same day. Depending on the patient’s condition, the patient may stay in the hospital for 1 day. During this period, the patient may be accompanied by a companion.
Need Intensive Care?
The patient is not in need of intensive care because fat removal is not a difficult operation.
Need Anesthesia?
Local anesthesia is performed in the case of fat removal operation in one region. General anesthesia method is used in wide area procedures to be performed in more than one region.
Devices Used in Surgery
The vacuum device is used to remove excess oil in the regions determined by liposuction. It is entered under the skin with special cannulas used.
Fat Removal (Liposuction) Surgery Prices in Turkey starting from 3000€
The prices of fat removal surgery vary according to the method to be used, the age of the patient, the anesthesia method to be used, the amount of fat to be taken from the patient, the additional treatments and the hospital where the operation will take place. In order to find out the surgery prices, it is necessary to be examined first.