Hair Transplant Turkey Process

Our Process

Success in 4 steps

Hair Transplant Process is so easy to get. The most important thing you should know are you able to hair transplantation or not. After that, you should get a reservation and buy your flight ticket to Turkey-Istanbul. Our team will help you 7/24 Hours.

01. Contact Us

Via Whatsapp or Form

02. Send Your Photos

For getting quote we need your photos.

03. Buy Flight Ticket

Send your flight ticket’s photo to your consultant for confirmation.

04. Confirmation

After you send flight ticket we will send to you confirmation documents. And your consultant will inform you before operation and also will help you after operation for 1 year.

Hair Transplant Photo Analysis

1-)Front Line

-We need to see how existing your hair lines fit your face and that is essential for medical analysis.

2-)Top of Head

-This gives us an overview of your hair condition image is important because it helps us to identify hair fallen and how will progress the hair loss treatment.

3-)Side Profile

-Profile is very important to assess the needs of our patients. It helps to understand the degree of hair loss.

4-)Back of the Head

-Adding a photo of your donor area that will help determine hair density. It helps how many graft we can take from your area.