One of the most special methods of the Fue technique is the gold-tipped Fue technique. There is, of course, an important reason for this, and it is possible to respond as gold is more compatible with the human body. With this application, the natural structure does not deteriorate in any way and the problems in contact with the skin are eliminated. This application, which helps to maintain the quality of the graft, is being applied smoothly in many clinics and achieving successful results.

It is one of the applications that can be preferred to obtain a natural look, but it is also a more expensive method compared to other treatment methods and alternatives. We can see that it is possible to get results in a shorter time when the evaluation of treatment advantages and disadvantages is more and more time-based.

How is it applied?

In the first stage of the gold-tipped Fue method, the patient is taken a blood sample and the process is started if no problem is detected for the treatment. The operation process will be started with the anesthesia to be applied to the scalp and the patient does not face any pain or pain situations after showing the anesthetic effect. The removal of healthy roots in the scalp is carried out successfully with the help of special tools and the roots are divided into groups according to the quality and hair transplantation is performed.

With the method called micro-parasite transplantation, channels are opened in the most appropriate way to the spilled areas and healthy roots are integrated into these channels.

What are the advantages?

The rate of hair growth and retention of hair follicles is higher. As we have just mentioned, gold is compatible with the human body and does not harm the natural structure in any way.

The growth of hair follicles is healthy and the possibility of microorganisms in the channels is very low.

There is no problem in the post-transplantation period and this process is faster and healthier than other treatment methods.

The problem of crusting with redness is also less than other methods. The microparasitic formation is one of the most important surpluses and this is the most important detail that helps the wounds to heal in a short time.

Cost of Treatment

The gold-tipped Fue method has recently become more popular and preferred. We can see that there are many advantages and disadvantages that are very few. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give clear and healthy information about the cost because each clinic offers different numbers and these numbers may vary depending on the doctor who will perform the operation.

You can get more detailed and healthy information about pricing by providing a one-on-one interview with the clinic and doctor you are considering treatment. It is one of the successful applications and your results will certainly satisfy you.

Recovery Process

One of the advantages of the gold-tipped Fue technique is the rapid healing process. You will not face any problems in the full recovery process. You will not experience pain or pain during this simple treatment. The recovery of wounds and redness is also faster than other methods, and this is one of the most important reasons for both patients and doctors to prefer this treatment.

You can consult your doctor if you have any problems during the healing process, but when we look at the patient comments, we can see that this process is very healthy. As a result of your interviews with your doctor, you can get more accurate and accurate information about this subject.