Is hair transplantation the best method?

The best method to use for a single treatment method is definitely a false discourse. The treatment that meets this discourse is the most appropriate method for the patient. Hair transplantation treatment methods are successful in their own right and will be very successful if they are determined as the right choice.

How do I decide which method best for me?

After determining the causes of hair loss, research is carried out on hair follicles and the most appropriate treatment method for the patient is determined in a short time.

When is the first wash after hair transplantation treatment?

The first wash after hair transplantation is usually performed on the 3rd or 4th day. Proper washing is essential for hair follicle placement and natural growth, and your doctor will make the necessary information.

How to choose a hospital and doctor for hair transplantation?

It will be healthier if you prefer the physicians who are specialized in this subject and who have participated in many operations. You need to show extra precision in the detail of the hardware qualification when you make a clinical choice.

Are there any side effects of hair transplantation?

As with every treatment, there are some side effects in the treatment of hair transplantation. But these side effects not permanent. In addition to problems such as redness, crusting, and swelling, it is possible to talk about the risk of infection. In order to minimize this risk, we can see that doctors are also taking big responsibilities.

How much is the price of hair transplantation treatment?

Of course, it is not possible to give clear information about prices. Treatment prices vary depending on the method you prefer and you will need to talk to your doctor if you want to have healthier and clearer information about it.

Does hair transplantation have a risk for patient health?

Even sugar and blood pressure patients can benefit from this treatment and it is worth noting that hair transplantation treatment will not lead to general health problems. If patient follow-up is done correctly and professionally, it is not possible to experience problems in this context.

Is hair transplantation a painful and painful procedure?

When we look at the treatment methods of hair transplantation, we can see that local anesthesia is applied and even in needle therapy methods you will not face any pain or pain.

What should be considered after hair transplantation?

You should stay away from activities such as solarium, sauna and swimming for 2 weeks after hair transplantation treatment. Some treatment methods can be extended this time and your doctor will share with you a clear time. You have to wait for 15 days for haircuts and after this period can be done haircuts with the help of scissors. To go to the hairdresser you have to wait 45 days until the end of this period, such as dyeing, haircuts, hair care will not create any problems. For two days, the hair should not be washed in any way and the hair should not be touched with water. After this time, you can perform the first wash. The hair follicles should not be damaged in any way during washing and a very sensitive application should be made. Hair washing process after drying hair with a towel, hair dryer should be done with. You should avoid impacts on the head area. You should stay away from sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball and be sensitive about this for 45 days. It is not recommended to use aspirin after hair transplantation and you should stay away from such medications for 1 week. The use of alcohol after treatment is also dangerous and you will need to stay away from alcohol and similar beverages for a period of 1 month. Extremely hot and cold weather also has a negative effect on the scalp and you need to be sensitive about this in the post-treatment period. After two weeks of rest, you can return to your sexual life, but before this time is definitely not recommended. You need to use your medicines regularly and correctly. You should not go beyond the prescription and receive medication advice and information.

When will the patient return to work and social life after hair transplantation?

This period may vary depending on the treatment, but you can take your place in business life after 1 week of rest. As we have just mentioned, this period is shorter in some methods and longer in some methods.

Do you need to stay in hospital after hair transplantation?

Most of the treatments do not require hospitalization.

Is hair transplantation a dangerous procedure?

The treatment of hair transplantation has been applied much more successfully in recent years and its side effects have been minimized. There is no danger of this treatment and even people with diabetes over 60 years of age can benefit from this treatment without any problem.

How many sessions of hair transplantation?

Again, we are faced with one of the conditions that will vary depending on the treatment method. In some methods, one session may be sufficient, while in some treatment methods more sessions may be needed.

Can complications occur after hair transplantation?

One of the complications that may occur after hair transplantation is an infection risk. Doctors take the necessary precautions and minimize the risk. Another complication is swelling and redness. You don’t have to worry because they are short-term problems.

Which type of anesthesia is used in hair transplantation?

Local anesthesia is used to create a comfortable and easier operation. You will not be faced with any pain or pain during the operation. After the operation of the local anesthetic, the operation begins and the patient can follow the operation or read a book or watch TV if he wishes.