Breast aesthetics is that women’s breasts are as desired in terms of aesthetics and posture. Most women complain that their breasts are small and some of them are older. Some women also complain of sagging breasts after some processes. For these reasons, their self-confidence is reduced and their lives are negatively affected. These problems bring negative effects on the external appearance of the person, cause functional problems and affect them negatively. Breast surgery operations are carried out to eliminate all these problems and to have an aesthetic image. Breasts are an organ of social significance for women. That’s why every woman cares about her breasts. Both the underlying meaning of motherhood and the sexual attraction creates. It is the beginning of the aesthetics with the whole body. Breast aesthetics is one of the most common aesthetic surgeries today. Breast aesthetics, which is preferred by women, is an aesthetic type it has built in men. There are surgeries that offer women many options such as breast enlargement, breast reduction, stiffening, and shaping.

About Breast Aesthetics

Women have tried many ways for beauty from past to present. Breast aesthetics is one of them. Breast aesthetics began to be done in the 1960s. In-situ saltwater filled or semi-liquid silicones are used according to the conditions of the time. Breast enlargement and correction operations were performed. Considering the health risks, plastic surgery was not performed after a while. Researches and investigations conducted towards the end of the 1990s have been re-started as it supports the lack of a risk of breast aesthetics.
In the 21st century, many different types of implants offer options for aesthetics.
What is Breast Aesthetics?
Breast aesthetics is a general expression of women’s breasts. Small breasted women in our society are under pressure psychologically. Some women do not grow a congenital breast and breastfeeding women have breasts after breastfeeding. Breast augmentation and uplift operations are performed for all these problems. In addition, breast reduction operations performed; It is an operation that is preferred by women who have a large chest compared to their body and are no longer a problem for their health.

How is Breast Aesthetics performed?

Breast sizes can be done by individuals who have breast sizes too small or too large. In order to correct the sagging problem, we can say that the same applications can be done for erection. Breast surgery is an aesthetic operation performed by placing silicone prosthesis behind the breast due to its general definition. Silicon capsules with silicone gel and a harder structure are applied in this method which is applied with silicon which is one of the least reaction to the body. The capsules placed in the cuts from the lower part of the breast, the armpit area or the nipple parts make each breast appear more steep and full. In addition, the same application can be done with capsules containing saline, ie a saline solution. After examining the chest dimensions of the individual by using the imaging method, the operation plan is prepared by clarifying the most appropriate type of capsule and its size. After the agreement with the patient, the plan is clarified and the operation starts. On average, 1 – 1.5 hours after the operation on the same day, the discharge is done. In silicone-applied chest aesthetics applications, stitches are hidden by using esthetic ropes. It is not possible to explode or dissolve the silicone capsules unless there is an impact condition with a very sharp and hard material. The prices of these applications, which can only be applied by the ophthalmologists, may vary depending on the size of the chest, the structure of the prosthesis and other features, clinical quality, and other factors. Again, with surgical intervention, it is possible to specify the reduction procedures for breasts that are too large. Injection Method and Other Methods Breast augmentation can be obtained with a number of methods that are applied without any surgical intervention. However, it is also important to note that there are usually temporary or certain risks present in such applications. First, it can be said that the breast enlargement method, which can be applied with oil, aqua filling or filler injection, is widely used. However, this method, which has some risks, can also show a temporary result. The injection process, which can only be carried out by doctors in a sterile environment and with aesthetic specialists, lasts up to 1 hour. Breast enlargement is said to be done with methods such as the use of some herbal products other than injection, breast enhancement massage, exercise, and sports plans. The most effective and permanent solution is of course known as silicone prosthesis application.

Who Can Make Breast Aesthetics?

There is no general limitation for those who want to have breast aesthetics. Anyone who is disturbed by the appearance of his breasts dislikes his / her shape, is uncomfortable with his sagging, wants to be slightly larger or vice versa. It has small breasts compared to the body of the person for breast augmentation surgery. This condition may be congenital or even after birth. Asymmetric ratios such as tissue, position, and flap between the two breasts of each woman may vary. In some people these differences are evident; In this case, breast enlargement surgery is performed asymmetrically to eliminate these problems. Similarly, breast reduction surgery should be performed according to the problems experienced by the person who has large breasts. Although there is no specific age limit for these operations, the development of the body of the person is expected to be completed in general. For this purpose, surgeries are usually performed for 18 years and older. For women who are in pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is more appropriate to wait 6-9 months. In terms of both breastfeeding and the final shape of the breast. It is more important for the people who think the surgery to obtain the most valid information for themselves from the doctor.

Breast Esthetics Risks

Even in the easiest operations, there is a small risk. There are also some minor risks in thoracic surgery. Breast enlargement surgeries are used to increase the size of the breast capsules. There may be leaks after the surgery. If the blood remains inside the chest does not flow out, the capsule inserted into the chest may not develop. To avoid this risk, the location of the surgery should be selected well. There is little risk of infection. Antibiotics given by the doctor can be used to prevent. Since there are no large vessels in the breast region, there is no risk of bleeding. In breast reduction operations, complications such as bleeding, infection and skin sensitivity can be seen. Differences may occur in the shape of the breast and nipple and in its symmetry.

Types of Breast Aesthetics

There are 5 types of breast surgery. Breast augmentation, breast reduction, gynecomastia, breast lift, and acidimetry repair. Breast enlargement and breast lift surgery are the most preferred of these aesthetics.

Breast Enlargement

It is the surgical method which is applied as a result of women’s breasts being smaller than they should be or having larger breasts. There is a visible change in the postoperative period. Breast augmentation operation usually women with small breasts in terms of structure, lack of confidence and psychological problems of living persons, deformities seen in the breast after cancer treatment or those who in case of removal of the breast, after giving away weight after those age deformation of the breast and gave birth prefers women living shrinkage of the breast . It is more appropriate to wait 6-9 months just because the women who give birth are breastfeeding. Another method for those who want to enlarge breasts is fat injection. By using one’s own tissue, the patient’s breast is injected with its own fat tissue. In this way, the patient’s breasts reach the desired dimensions. However, it is not a method preferred by aesthetic surgeons in terms of long term usage and aesthetic results. The first thing people who think about breast enlargement surgery should do is to meet with a professional plastic surgeon. In the interview, the person should ask clearly about all the questions which are clearly in the mind. After the interview, the physician should perform an examination; checks the size of the breasts, sagging, asymmetries and deformity. This control informs the individual about the appropriate treatment and tells the person what to expect after the operation. During the interview, the technique to be applied, anesthesia, surgical preparations and what should be considered before the operation is spoken. The doctor will inform the patient about the risks and complications that may occur as a result of the surgery. Even the smallest question should be asked before surgery. Any subject attached to a person’s mind may grow in his head and decrease his pre-operative motivation. After the decision of surgery, the person is asked to perform a few tests. As a result, the doctor evaluates and decides whether the person is fit for surgery. If there is no problem, the day of surgery can be determined. Silicone implants used in breast augmentation surgeries have been popular and frequently applied all over the world. General anesthesia is used in the surgery performed by plastic surgery doctors. The silicones used are placed under the breast or under the arm. The least visible places are selected for the incision site. The size of the incision site increases equally according to the size of the prosthesis to be used. The incisions are closed with sutures and adhesives. With time, the tracks close. While breastfeeding is not touched during the operation, breastfeeding is not a problem. The duration of operation varies between 1-1.5 hours. After the surgery, there will be a dressing on the breast or a special backed bra. There is a slight pain in the chest area. It will be minimized by the medications given in the pain. The patient may be discharged after surgery or stay in the hospital for 1 day if he so wishes. 3-4 days after surgery, the person returns to his normal life. Only the first weeks should avoid doing heavy work. At the end of the surgery, the doctor informs the patient about what to do and what to do.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is performed in order to prevent the physical activity of the patient, who is older than his / her condition and is now disrupting his / her health. Necessary tests are carried out to ensure that the breasts are proportionate to the body and do not cause problems. Breast reduction surgery; person’s discomfort, breast size resulting from diaper rash, sweating and odor problems, sexual life is adversely affected, physical activities to become negative effects and residual shoulder and back pain are the main reasons for breast reduction operations. The person who wants breast reduction and reduction mammaplasty surgery should first find a good plastic surgeon. During the interview with the doctor, what kind of problems and problems are encountered in a sincere way what should be revealed what the person wants? After the interview, the doctor examined the person; checks the size of the breasts, asymmetries, sagging, breast skin condition and deformity. If you have a disease (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) and if you have had a surgery to be shared with the doctor. After the examination, all the findings are combined and a roadmap for the operation is drawn according to the person’s wishes. Many different techniques are used in breast reduction surgery. These techniques are classified according to the post-operative period. The most commonly used techniques are reverse-T-shaped traces and vertical traces. These have their own disadvantages. Among these, the most commonly used method is the ‘T-shaped’ incision. With this technique, excess fat and skin tissue in the breast is removed and the Isola (nipple) wraps around and down to the breast curl and continues from the bottom of the lower bend left a T-shaped trail. In the vertical technique, the marks on the breast start from the place where they are and reach to the breast. Personal preferences are also effective in determining the technique of breast reduction surgery. The decision about the technique of surgery will be given after consultation with the doctor. The person is anesthetized with general anesthesia for surgery. The operation is started with the method selected by the doctor. The excess fat under the breast is removed. The chest is then stiffened and tightened. Now the breasts have a smaller appearance than the old one. After surgery, depending on the condition of the person can stay in the hospital for 1 night. If the sutures used in the surgery do not need to be taken from the melting type but if it is dissolving, it is necessary to consult a doctor to remove your stitches within 12-14 days. After breast reduction surgery, the person will recover quickly and return to work within 1-2 weeks. Depending on the individual, the healing process may be shortened by applying what the doctor says.


Gynecomastia is called abnormal breast growth in men. Hormone disorders; The most common causes in the formation of gynecomastia and some syndromes with testosterone deficiency, some syndromes, long-term use of some substances (alcohol, amphetamine antidepressants, drugs, some drugs used in bodybuilding) and excessive weight gain. People who have complaints should firstly undergo a doctor’s check and a detailed check should be made in terms of the diseases that may lie on the ground. Gynecomastia is seen mostly in overweight people, but it is also observed in people with weaknesses who are now very common and who have an unhealthy diet. Although there is no health hazard, it may be a sign of a different condition that may in some cases threaten health. It causes social and psychological problems in general. Since gynecomastia occurs in the 18-25 age group, breast growth occurs in adolescence and usually does not require surgery or intervention. After puberty, the body will now be regulated. Some people continue to grow again. Different techniques are used in gynecomastia operations. When choosing the technique the breast tissue of the person is important. The male breast is composed of fat and gland tissues. Gynecomastia surgery, called liposuction, will be performed on both breasts if the breast tissue is high. Liposuction and gland excision can be performed at the same time if there is an external gland tissue other than adipose tissue. By liposuction method, a half-moon incision is made from the lower edge of the nipple. The breast tissue that causes the growth is removed. With this technique, an imperceptible trace remains under the nipple. Liposuction and gland excision is performed at the same time and very good results are obtained. If the breast growth in the person is advanced and there is sagging, skin tissue around the gland excision, liposuction, and breast darkness may be necessary. 3 different techniques can be applied depending on the situation of the person.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical operation that reshaping the breasts by forming the dangling place in the breast and reshaping the chest where the chest is located. Breast lift surgery; The result of gravity and postnatal breastfeeding during the sagging process, in cases of genetic, weight gain is realized as a result of weight loss. The breasts have a degree of sagging and surgery is performed according to these degrees. Conditions affecting the operation; the size and shape of the breast, the size, and posture of the nipples surrounding the nipples, the degree of sagging in the breast, the quality of the skin and the number of skin excesses are the factors that affect the operation. Asymmetries and differences in the breasts at the same time as the breast uplift surgery can also be corrected by surgery. Generally, in breast lift surgeries, the breast is intended to be reshaped and acquired its former form. If the dark area (areola) around the nipple is wide, it can be narrowed by surgery and corrected in the brown part in almost all sagging chest surgeries. If the person has a slight sagging, both the erect and breast augmentation can be performed.

Asymmetry Repair

Breast asymmetry is the difference between breast sizes of women or men. This condition, which is mostly in women, is seen in 70-75% of women. It is generally ignored because it is unnoticed. But some cases require surgery. Asymmetry is sometimes only the size of one breast compared to the other breast, in some cases, it is different in the shape and shape of the nipple, or there is no breast tissue on one side. Breast asymmetry surgery is the most difficult of chest aesthetics operations. The difficulty of surgery is for doctors. Because more than one technique is used to correct the disproportion. Sometimes, not only the asymmetry is corrected but also the breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Prostheses Used in Breast Aesthetics

Breast enlargement surgery, which is performed by individuals who are overly small in chest size, can be performed with various prostheses. In addition to this, it is known that aesthetic prosthodontic treatment can also be used for the solution of the problems of uplift and asymmetry. Although there is no prosthetic use for shrinkage or other different types of aesthetic operations, treatment is usually completed with fat masses taken from breast tissue. In order to have a larger size of the breasts, we can say that the prosthesis used in aesthetic operations is usually covered with silicone. These prostheses are in the form of capsules and the types vary according to the substances in it. Prostheses with silicone gel, which have silicone gel in it, and which have silicone and prosthesis in its outer surface and which have silicone structure in it, can be used in this direction. The outer surface of both types of prostheses has a rigid structure. The reason for this is that after the completion of the aesthetic treatment, it is possible to prevent the explosion of the capsules as a result of any impact or pressure that may occur. We can state that a structure that is resistant to any kind of pressure is also valid in these two types of prostheses, except for injuries caused by an object of extreme sharpness and sharpness. Most preferred prosthesis filled with silicone gel and filled with saline, ie saline solution, is a type of prosthesis filled with silicone gel. The reason for this is the structure of the capsule and the image it creates. The use of a silicone prosthesis is fuller than a prosthesis filled with saline solution and is also given a steeper structure and a higher level of endurance. It should be noted that both types of prostheses do not pose a health hazard in normal situations and that the substances used are compatible with the internal body tissue.

Prosthetic Placement In order to enable each breast to appear larger, the breast sizes of the individual are firstly obtained by various imaging examinations and the new dimensions to be applied in this direction are determined. Then you are preparing a detailed breast enlargement surgery plan by the doctor. At this point, where the cuts are made will be clear in the interviews with the patient. It can open cuts from the underarms, nipple or sub-breast areas. Silicone prostheses, which are placed in places where the incisions are opened, can be placed under the muscles or directly under the breast tissue. When this process is completed, it is ensured that the cuts are closed with the suture threads with aesthetic structure, and the operation is completed.

Choosing Aesthetic Clinic How?

Clinical selection is a choice that is left to the patient’s preference. After a good research, it is more appropriate to go to the preferred clinic and get a preliminary discussion and information.

Breast Aesthetics Prices in Turkey

Prices for breast surgery operations vary according to the method and other factors. It is known that prices change according to different aesthetic types such as magnification and shrinkage applications applied in case of asymmetry, operations applied in case of asymmetry and other lifts if the nozzles are too small or too large from normal to anatomical measurements. Generally speaking, we can say that the average price of €3000 and a ceiling price of €20.000 are valid for the enlargement, reduction, elevation and asymmetry operations. In addition to these prices, which are shown only as of the operation fee, it is also necessary to say that the drug, the examination and the additional fees are also claimed in the amount of €100. The reason why there is so much difference between the base price and the ceiling price is that the aesthetic conditions demanded by the individuals are different. For example, we can only say that the price of an oil extraction operation for the reduction operation may be low. However, with the case of asymmetry situation, it is necessary to know that a higher cost will arise if each nozzle is raised. Therefore, in order to be able to determine a clear wage, the person should be examined and the chest size should be taken and the operation plan should be prepared by determining the most appropriate size by the imaging method. In this case, the fees for the operation will be determined clearly.